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Vox AC15 C1 Combo

15 Watt rørkombo med 12AX7/EL84, normal og topboost kanal/tremolo og klang

Vox AC15 C1 Combo
Varenr.: 114327
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 6 950 inkl. mva. kr 5 560 eks. mva.
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Vox AC-forsterkere er noen av de mest brukte i Rock’n Roll-historien. Band som The Beatles, Shadows, U2, Rolling Stones pluss mange fler har benyttet disse like flittig på scenen som i studio. AC15 har siden 1958 beholdt sin velfortjente plass som en av verden smest populære forsterkermodeller. Med et register fra krystallklar og skimrende lyd til kompakt overdrive trives den i de fleste musikalske sammenhenger, og betraktes som en legende når det gjelder gitarforsterkere.


  • 15W combo med 2 kanaler: Normal og Top-boost
  • Rør: 3 x 12AX7 og 2 x EL84
  • Tremolo og reverb
  • 1 x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback-høyttalere
  • Mål: 605mm x 261.9mm x 440mm 
  • Vekt: 21.6 kg

A True Workhorse Guitar Amplifier
This Vox AC15 Custom delivers the classic chime and complex grind that has made the brand famous. This 15-watt combo amp was one of the first to define the British sound and continues to be used on stages and in studios around the world. The AC15 Custom's 15-watt design offers manageable volume in the live environment while still being able to get above the band. And the 25-watt Celestion Greenback speaker mellows high frequencies. If you want a Vox with a look that's both vintage and rare, grab this AC15 Custom.

One of the proudest lineages in guitar amplification
Vox amplification has been a staple for guitarists since their introduction. The British Invasion rocketed the company to prominence in the 1960s, and their amplifiers have backed such high-profile players as The Edge, Brian May, Tom Petty, and John Scofield. The AC15 is among the most recorded amplifiers in history because of the chime and sparkle it delivers. The Vox AC15 Custom will never go out of style because of all of the players still depending on this design today.

Power and preamps
The combination of the Vox AC15 Custom's Class A, EL84-driven power amp and its Top Boost preamp gives the amp its iconic sound. The Top Boost section adds sonic control and high-end detail to your guitar sound. The 15-watt power section sounds full and driven onstage or in the studio, cutting through the mix without dominating the other instruments. And Vox's AC circuit is famous for how well it takes any variety of your favorite effects pedals.

Loaded with a Greenback
The Vox AC15 Custom's substitution of a 12" Celestion 25-watt Greenback speaker parts from the traditional AC design. Guitarists think this enhances the tone of the AC15 Custom. The Greenback's mellower, midrange-focused sound helps round off some super-high frequencies. And the quality of these Greenbacks are why you'll find them in guitarists' cabinets all over the world.


  • Legendary 15-watt British combo guitar amplifier
  • Celestion 25-watt Greenback speaker mellows harsh frequencies
  • Normal and Top Boost channels
  • Built-in tremolo and spring reverb
  • EL84 power delivers the chime


  • Output Power: 15 Watts RMS into 16 Ohms
  • Speaker: 1 x 12"" 16 ohm Celestion G12M Greenback
  • Inputs: Normal input jack, Top Boost input jack, Footswitch jack
  • Outputs: External loudspeaker jack, Extension loudspeaker jack
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 602 x 265 x 456 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Options: VFS2A Footswitch