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Zaor Monitor Stand - Black

Høyttalerstativ (par), justerbar høyde 80-129cm

Zaor Monitor Stand - Black
Varenr.: 101857
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 11 695 inkl. mva. kr 9 356 eks. mva.
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Italienske designer-stativer for studio- og hjemmebruk. Utført i solid italienske trevirke, og med en resonansefri blyplate som hindrer transmisjon av lave frekvenser i stativet. Justerbar høyde fra 80 til 129 cm.

NB! Pris pr. par.

When you are looking for a pair of solid, well built and nice looking speaker stands you are faced with little choice or very high price points and most of all, a great lack of flexibility:

Most constructions have a fixed height which might just not suit your particular situation: As every hifi and pro audio enthusiast knows, you need to constitute a perfect triangle between your head and the two loudspeakers and that can be tricky – what with furniture and other gear filling up the space. This is why ZAOR, who are dedicated to finding unique solutions, has come up with a nice range of adjustable speaker stands.

Of course the other important requirement from a great speaker stand is that it does not resonate when exposed to sound. I used to own a pair of metal stands that had a very partiular ring to themselves, while playing a track you would always hear or feel this strange ringing at aroud 800 Hz. When I identified the source I immediately removed the speakers from my studio. ZAOR monitor stands are made from solid wood and plywood, which has practically no self resonance, plus they come as a standard with Aerstop coating which isolates the speaker from the stand to a large proportion. So if you like real speakers, that bring a certain weight to the scale, you will find the right speaker stand here!


  • Height: 800 – 1290 mm
  • Top: 280 x 280 mm
  • Bottom: 320 x 320 mm
  • Adjustable in height
  • AERstop pad
  • Solid wood + plywood
  • Maksimal høyde: 129 cm
  • Minimum høyde: 80 cm
  • 280x320 mm plate ( dekket av "Aerstop" )
  • Maks vekt last 50 kg
  • 15 kg pr.stativ
  • Fraktvekt: 2 x 22 kg


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