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Zaor Rack Roll

Rack i oljet treverk, 10 x 19" unit på hjul.

Zaor Rack Roll
Varenr.: 101505
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 9 995 inkl. mva. kr 7 996 eks. mva.
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Zaor Rack Roll er et 10 unit 19" rack i nydelig trevirke med mange bruksmuligheter. Man kan konfigurere Rack Roll på ulike måter, og de kommer med hjul slik at de er lette å flytte på også. Like solid og med samme lekre finnish

ZAOR Rack Roll – Modular system that can be used both horizontally and vertically. Through its unique shape it can easily be stacked up to three untis high. On the inside there is a special bracket system that allows to tie two rackrolls together so they form one unit. Thus when you want to move your rack whether its one, two or three rackrolls high, there is no danger of one rack sliding off.

When you use rackroll horizontally, meaning that you look down upon your outboard devices, the recessed wheels in the back rest on the ground and allow you to move your rackroll around easily. So when you are done with editing that great analogue compressor you can push your rack under the mixer and focus on the main mix again. This way you can make the best use of your space, which in many a producers studio, or project/home studio is rare commodity.

The solid wood panels on the outside along with the great craftsmanship give this rack system a very solid and pristine look and assure you will enjoy the use of it for many years.


  • Height: 572 mm
  • Depth: 625 mm
  • Width: 575 mm
  • 10 Rack units
  • Solid wood + MDF